Friday, August 21, 2015

The thing about Saturdays

What is it about Saturdays?  The day starts out with that amazing feeling of leisure and the thought that the day is all yours.  You might have thought you would sleep later but something pulls you up and out of bed.  Maybe it is that first cup of coffee or the opportunity to be up while the house and the streets are quiet.  Something propels you forward. And then, the little commitments and the tasks which you’ve put off for the weekend come to mind.  Little by little the day becomes filled.  It may be filled with friends, filled with errands, filled with projects, or filled with everyday chores. It may be filled with conversations or with solitude.  The day may unfold just as you planned or it may turn out to be nothing that you had anticipated.  But what is it about Saturdays?  Saturdays are a slice of who you are.  Saturdays are made up of those things that you treasure most.  Saturdays clarify your priorities and help you to weed out the unnecessary agendas from your life.

This Saturday take time to breathe.  Go for a walk.  Drop one thing to do another. Allow yourself to be flexible and gentle with yourself.


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